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now that explains it!

Thanks to the media hype and spin on the unfortunate incident at Angel Valley in Sedona, Arizona, last fall (2009), it would seem everyone in the world now knows what a sweat lodge is.

What they don't know is the TRUTH!

When run properly, they're NOT dangerous, anymore than they're a sign of a cult! Nor can the Native Americans lay an exclusive monopoly on them, anymore than our government has the right to pass a law making it illegal for a non-native to run a lodge! In fact, long before Native Americans were ever discovered, the Romans and many other cultures around the world, were enjoying the powerful cleansing and healing effects of sweatlodges! Additionally, Jesus was the ONLY spiritual teacher EVER reported to have conducted a 40 DAY Vision Quest, yet, many Native Americans feel they seem to own an exclusive monopoly on that spiritual practice, too!

Click, if you dare. The original post has been deleted, oddly enough. (link via snarkfest at sf_drama).

the snark continues to flow.

more from the guys who brought us the twilight open auditions. now, they snark powwow emcees.Collapse )

this is really, really, really snarky.

new moon wolf pack auditions

Realized I hadn't posted this here yet.

Who let the crazies out?

"HI!!! Can you teach me a class on how to make traditional snoweshoes? I want to make my own."

Noble sentiment, but here's a clue: I'm Cherokee.


More fluffy fun.

Email received ten minutes ago, name redacted, other outrageous use of 'y' and misspellings intact:

Hi Peregryne. My name is TooStupidToLive and Rayne Swallowboy told me to email you and give me your address. I'm a Wicca but in a past life I was a Shaman of I think Cherokee. The war paint in my dreams on my face seems to be and everyone says so too when I tell them. Since I feel at home in my Cherokee skin I want to know how to become part of the Tribe now, though I am White. My Wicca beliefs are spirtally in tune with Cherokee beliefs and I think I should join the Tribe and would like to train to be a Shaman. Maybe a medicine person. How do I reactivate my Tribe membership from my past life? If there is someone who knew me back then who is still alife, could they vouch for me or will a Shaman have to do a dream trance to see my Cherokee self inside? I know all the Ancient Ways. I read them in books and I know they are true because I remember doing them. I don't feel part of White Society, not even Wicca, and I think it is because of my Cherokee soul. Can you help me?

.... No. No, I can't. You're beyond help. Please kill yourself.

WTF is with all the WiccanInjuns crawling out of the woodwork lately?!

No, this kind of flute

I play your run-of-the-mill silver flute. I have since the sixth grade. Let's just say, it's been a lot of years. I currently play in a local concert band.

One of my sectionmates approached me after rehearsal, asking if I'd ever played for anyone at my workplace out on the Reservation. No, I hadn't. He comments: "They probably won't let you play, because you don't play their kind of flute. They don't like *our* kind of music."

Boy, did he choke on his words when I told him I'd just never had the opportunity, and many of the Elders I work with were once members of a Big Band that travelled extensively throughout the northwest.

Yeah. . . .

Heard a good one today.

I work for a company that has a large stone buffalo in the front courtyard. By "large", I mean "bigger than a Hummer".

Apparently, when the company moved buildings, a group of native americans in a hot pink pickup truck arrived and attempted to claim the stone buffalo on the grounds that "it's our sacred animal!"

The head of building facilities shrugged and told them they could have it if they could lift it and carry it away with only the six people and vehicle they brougt with them.

Buffalo - not just for eatin' anymore!